What size will I need?

You will see the sizing guide on the product page. Make sure to measure your waist as described in the how to measure video to avoid ordering the incorrect size.

What materials are your waist trainers made from?

Our products are made from a mixture of latex, spandex and cotton. The product page will have further details regarding the composition.

Can these be used by men also?

Yes, all our waist trainers can be used by men. About 15% of our customers are men.

What is the difference between the Aviddo All Day, Aviddo Latex and Aviddo Flex trainers?

Aviddo All Day: The Aviddo All Days unique combination of spandex, cotton and latex has been created to become the ultimate all day trainer. It is so comfortable and discreet that you can wear it under your normal clothes throughout the day. It isn't like the cheap spandex versions you see online, the Aviddo All Day allows you to carry on your daily life but at the same time moulds your waist to achieve your desired result. This is the best option if you are just starting out on your waist training journey.

Aviddo Latex: The Aviddo Latex waist trainer is for people who want that extra squeeze to achieve the ultimate thin waist. It's alot stronger and thicker than the Aviddo All Day and offers more compression. So if you want to step up your waist training to the next level or are size 14 and above this is the one to go for. It's still comfortable enough to wear for 6-8 hours a day once you get used to it, as long as you don't need to bend too much during the day.

Aviddo Flex: The Aviddo Flex has been designed for people who like to workout. It's very flexible and also has breathable holes to stop you overheating and becoming uncomfortable. Most companies use too much latex in their sports trainer, that makes it very restrictive and means certain exercises can't be performed. The Aviddo Flex has been built so that you don't even notice you're wearing it.

Is using a waist trainer safe?

The waist trainer is as safe as the person using it. The thing is anything used incorrectly has negative effects, even something like drinking too much water can be detremental. In essence it's like wearing very tight clothing, as long as you don't go beyond your limits you will be absolutely fine. If you wear a belt with your jeans and tighten it too much then it's obviously not going to be very comfortable, the same applies to the waist trainer. So as long as you follow our directions you will have no problems at all. 

If you do feel uncomfortable at any time, just remove the trainer. You may have to reduce the time you wear it or consider trying a bigger size.

Will I have to use this forever?

No, once you have achieved your desired results you can stop using the waist trainer.


Where do you deliver?

Please read our delivery page here for full details.


Please read our returns page here for full details.

Still have a question?

Please feel free to call us on 0121 517 0234. We're here Mon-Fri 9am-5pm GMT Time.

If your query is not urgent then please feel free to email us at support@aviddowaisttrainer.co.uk. We usually respond within 1 hour.