Difference between Spandex and Latex Waist Trainers

In the Renaissance era, waist trainers were known as corsets and were made of cotton, satin, and leather. They were very expensive and highly inflexible. Getting a custom-made corset was extremely difficult at the time as it took a lot of time to lace the corsets. With the evolution of fashion, corsets were soon upgraded, and new brands called waist trainers were invented. The materials used in making them were nylon, spandex or latex. They had no lacing thus one couldn’t tighten them. This means that they were mostly used in workouts. This is because latex and spandex are highly elastic, hence one can easily stretch-out while working out with compromising their ability to breathe properly.

The latest trend in waist training is using different materials to test the tightness and looseness of the trainers. Latex is the mostly used material as it offers more advantages in terms of restriction, durability, strength, functionality, and texture.

Texture: latex is tougher than spandex, and thickens more than spandex. Therefore, clothes made using spandex are more prone to tears when compared to latex made clothing.  Because waist trainers are mostly used in gyms and workout areas, latex is obviously the better choice.

Restriction: latex offers a tighter grip on the body as compared to spandex. This is because latex is made from rubber thus offers better elasticity as compared to spandex. With waist trainers, one prefers a firm grip. Spandex expands easily, and is therefore not as suitable for making waist trainers as latex.

Allergens: more people are allergic to latex as compared to spandex. This is because latex has proteins that provoke allergies. Spandex allergies are rare but still prevalent.

Reaction to Water: both latex and spandex are waterproof. However, latex is preferred in making clothing due to its overall better quality.

Strength: latex is stronger than spandex. This is because the bonding in latex is better. Spandex is used as a latex supplement in case of allergies. Latex waist trainers are better because they can withstand big bodies without tearing. Strength translates to durability, and durability means your latex waist trainers will be more affordable and economical in the long run.

Durability: because latex is stronger and thicker, it lasts longer as compared to spandex, latex waist trainers can hold up for longer than spandex waist trainers. This proves to be more cost effective as no one ever likes buying waist trainers over and over again due to poor material.

Is it safe to use latex waist trainers? The answer is yes, with some caveats. Provided you are not allergic to latex, latex waist trainers are the best in the market. Latex waist trainers are not only sliming but also stylish. They can be worn as outwear along with a plain t-shirt, or a baggy sweater. This is seen in the Little Mix ‘Touch’ video by Perrie Edwards1. Most latex waist trainers are comfortable because of the high backs and over-shoulder straps. Get yourself a latex waist trainer today!

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