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"The Aviddo All Day is perfect for me. I started out on the 1st row of hooks on the first day for about 3 hours. After 2 days I was on the 2nd row of hooks again for 3 hours. On day 5 I managed a full 8 hours on row 2, I can already feel the difference in my shape and it's not even been a week yet. I love the construction, it's very comfortable and you forget you're wearing it."
Jane - *Results may vary from person to person.

"I've tried many waist trainers in the past but they didn't work for me. Either they were too uncomfortable or ended up falling to pieces. The Aviddo All Day has worked like a charm over the last month. The reason I bought it was because I gained weight after my having my kids and suffer from hernias. This waist trainer is the most comfortable and definately the best quality. It might seem a little expensive, there are cheaper ones on the market but they're cheaper because they're poor quality. You know the saying "you get what you pay for" is definately true, plus there's only a few quid difference in the prices. I love it."
Linda - *Results may vary from person to person.

"Absolutely love it! The delivery was very quick and product very high quality. I bought it to wear all day long in order to support my core since I have diastisis recti. I know that helping with diastisis recti is NOT the purpose of the waist trainer, but it is something that works for me and is very comfortable. I can wear it all day without any problems and I love how I look in my clothes."
Lucy - *Results may vary from person to person.

"I've had this for a week and have already ordered a second smaller size. I wear mine approximately 8 hours a day while at work. It's made a big difference to my posture and reduced my back pain. It's a great quality product and it gives me a great shape, what more could a woman ask for:)"
Ellie - *Results may vary from person to person.

"I LOVE this! been wearing it daily and after a week already feel a huge difference. I have been wearing it for about 5 hours a day, most days but not while working out. My friend bought one from another company, the quality was no where near as good as the Aviddo one I have. She hasn't experienced the results I have and purchased the Aviddo special offer last week, she said the difference between the other one she purchased is huge, she's already seeing the difference."
Kat - *Results may vary from person to person.